Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Long-awaited Day

  I woke up early yesterday in order to share the detainees families their happiness and to be part of the historic day in Gaza. I turned on the TV and waited the moment detainees would pass Rafah borders, meet their families and friends for the first time since so many long years. I waited the moment our heros would step into Gaza and breathe the fresh, touch the sunbeams, feel the freedom.  I waited an hour but I couldn't wait any more, I put on my clothes in a hurry and joined my sisters and cousins in the Red Cross where a sit-in tent is held in solidarity with the detainees. I then headed to Al-Kateeba ( the place where the released detainees would be celebrated). Many people where already there waiting for our heroes, I was very happy that all parties were joining the celebrations, Hamas, PFLP, Fatah and the others. I was glad that detainees are coming to see us united!  I sat among the crowds, waited for three hours but they didn't show up and it was getting late, I went home so I can watch them on TV. I also looked into the news on Facebook and Twitter.  Pictures of the released detainees were spreading everywhere! I couldn't but smile whenever I saw photos of mothers hugging their sons, fathers holding their children hands, wives shedding tears the moment they saw their husbands coming from the horizon!   

Those are some pictures that I stared at them for minutes and minutes, trying to put my self in their places, feel what they are feeling. However, no one can really feel the exact happiness that they are going through right now. 

I would start with Nael Barghoughi, the dean of the Palestinian prisoners.  Nael Is the oldest Palestinian detainee, and the oldest detainee in the world, he had spent 34 years in the Israeli jails. Look at his face when he was first imprisoned, he was just 19 years old, Nael had spent his very early years in the dark jails, he had grown old there! Israel had stolen his life, prevented him from living his twenties ,thirties, forties! He's now 52 years old. Nael missed living his normal life as a human being, he missed college, he missed being with his family, sharing them their happy times, gathering in the same table, he missed kissing his father's head every morning, hugging his mother, being with them in the last days of their life!  Nael's Parents had passed away without seeing their son free! Nael is free now, but unfortunately, his youngest brother, Omar Barghouthi,  is still there, in the Israeli jails!

 She dreamed of the day her husband would be released, she thought about him every single minute. Her husband was taken from her years ago, he was put in jail, she would look at his photo every night, stare at his face, talk to him, she tells him every day: don't worry my dear, you shall see the sun again, you shall hold my hand one day and look me in the eye, you shall be her tomorrow, in our small, cosy house.
Her heart was beating too fast, they have just told her that her husband is going to be free, she waited and counted every single second till the day came. She went with the others to meet their absent comers. She witnessed him coming from there, she could hear her heart hitting her chest very strongly, and she ran towards him, touched his hands with a chuckle drawn on her face. She hold his hands, stared at his face, and said:  you're real, you're free!
PS: I don't know who this couple is, but this picture took my breathe, I felt that this photo has a story to tell and...

This is Irena Srahnna, she has been in the Israeli jails for 9 years along with her husband.
Ghzalah and Jasmin have been looking for this day for years, they were looking forward to hug their mother again. They were waiting for the day they would kiss their mother's face,  they dreamed of coming back from school to find their mother waiting for them,  telling her about what happened with them today, asking her what are we having for lunch today, mom! Their dream now is true, they are in their mother's arms. However, their dream will be completed when their father joins them.

Yes, 1027 are free now, but we shall not forget those who are still imprisoned! those who are waiting for the day they'll be free. We shall not forget Ahmad Saadat who is going through very harsh conditions in the solitary confinement! we shall never forget you our heroes. 

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  1. Very impressive! Sarah! Keep the good work up... All my support for you. We'll never forget those who are still locked up inside the Israeli prisons and let's pray that their freedom will be soon!