Sunday, November 21, 2010

My wish takes a thirty minute drive!

Walking on the moon is not my wish. My wish is far more simple than that. I wish I could go outside my home, stand on the street waiting for a taxi, and then ask the driver to drive me to Jerusalem. And he simply replies, ‘Get in,’ and then drives without anyone ordering him to stop — no checkpoints, no soldiers asking  for a permit or any official papers allowing me to get into my country’s capital. And I sit very calmly in the backseat without feeling threatened or scared
A thirty minute drive and my wish comes true , walking on Jerusalem .
Unfortunately my wish seems as difficult as walking on the moon , I live in Gaza and I'm not allowed to go to the other side of my country . Gaza has been in siege for more than 3 years , since 2007 no one living in Gaza could go out or come in unless Israel gives the permission to . the siege hasn't just limited the material supply , but has limited our dreams , too! Since I was young I dreamed of studying in Beir Zeit university  in the West Bank , I registered in the university in 2009 and was accepted but Gaza siege stood on my way , and Israel didn't allow me to go for studying where I wanted to . It's funny but sorrowful  how could somebody be forced not to move freely inside his own country , Israel has closed all the doors in front of our eyes , but  will never close the door of dreams , I will dream of Jerusalem , go to Al-aqsa mosque in my thoughts , visit Al-Qeyama church and breath the air of the other side of my country in my dreams ,  till this 
llegal occupation leaves our lands and all my dreams and wishes come true!   

copyright Viva Palestina Malaysia

Friday, November 19, 2010

My story with Popular Achievement Program

“And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years “Abraham Lincoln. In 2005 I had the chance to start a new life with new thoughts ,beliefs and achievements , this was when I participated in Popular Achievement  Program , I was  a member of “The Best Group ” , and  I have learned many things through my first experience in the program . It made me believe in the youth ability to change in their societies and how to be a good citizen, caring about the society issues, serving my community and building good relationships with others. I will never forget my experience as a participant in the program because it was my first step towards creating a better future for me and for my community as well. So 2005 was one of the years that count in my life. My belief on the program idea and objectives pushed me towards joining it again , so  In 2010 I decided to continue what I have started in 2005 so I applied for the program again and I was accepted but this time as a coach . The first step in my experience as a coach was to form a group. now I am a coach at Al-Asria center  for a group of 5 girls and 7 boys , and I can see in  their eyes the same bright future that I saw when I was a participant . Being a coach has taught me how to be responsible and how to think about others. Popular Achievement Program has given me great experiences in life, my character has changed to a better one, my thoughts has developed and now I have a wider view of life. The program is also proving that youth are citizens of today and they are able to make a change and create strategies to improve their society, it’s also giving them the chance to let their voiced heard.  In addition the program makes me realize how holy the human is. To make some one happy is huge thing you should be proud of. To help a family. To leave a mark!
I believe that generations learn from each other and popular achievement program made that obvious by teaching me about society and its issue and now I convey what I have taught to my group to make them creative. Special and good speakers.
 We have to stop talking about changing; we have to start it in action. And popular achievement is giving us the way to be the change which the society needs. And that will be our mission from now on, because we care, we can