Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1027 Free Birds

1027 Free Birds

In the past 15 days, since 27th September specifically, Palestinian detainees decided to go on an open-ended hunger strike due to the ongoing humiliation and violation carried out by Israel prisons administration.  Palestinian detainees have been deprived of their basic rights for too long. They have been denied family visits, abused, held in solitary confinements, denied medical treatment, and assaults by Israeli guards. The list of the tortures goes on and on. Our detainees decided to start the strike so that they can grab the world attention to their fair cause.

My sister called me just few hours ago telling me that Hamas and Israel have reached a deal to exchange prisoners. Gilad Shalit, Who has been held as a prisoner by Hamas in 2006, will be swaped for 1027 Palestinian detainees. I rushed to my laptop in order to make sure that the news is true. My friends on Facebook already posted about the deal: some were wondering why the deal is made now not years ago. Why now while detainees are going on an open-ended hunger strike? However, I paid less attention to these wonders.  I can hardly get political games, I am just happy that 1027 Palestinians will breath freedom after spending many years in the dark barbaric Israeli prisons and solitary confinement. 

I have been going to the sit-in tent that is held in solidarity with the detainees for the past few days. My heart breaks out whenever I see the mothers, wives, and the children of the prisoners there chanting for the freedom of their beloved. I could see their sadness in their eyes yet they never lose hope. They believe their beloved will be released one day. I can imagine how the families of the detainees are feeling now. They are waiting for the list of the released prisoners names hoping that their beloved is of one of them. 1027 families will be in utmost happiness that their absent beloved  is one of the freed list, but unfortunately 6000 others will be broken-hearted, they'll keep praying their beloved detainees will be flying like free birds in Palestine sky sooner or later.

1027 freedom fighter will be released! 1027 birds will be flying in Palestine's sky soon, after paying the price of freedom.  How happy I am now! I am sure my father who had spent 17 years of his life in Israeli jails is feeling the same. My father's mind will be going back 20 years to the day he was sit free! To the day he breathed freedom after spending 15 years in the darkness. 1027 detainees are going through my father's experience, mixed feelings of happiness and hope now; many are going to get their life back, tomorrow!

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