Monday, November 14, 2011

14/November/2011- A night in The Gaza Strip

I was trying to sleep yesterday at almost 2 am. I turned the lights off, and jumped into my bed, under my warm cover. I had some difficulties in sleeping as I suffer sore throat these days. However, the atmosphere was so calm until I heard some really loud explosions. I jumped out of the bed. I opened the window because I thought it was nearby and I even thought the strikes fell on one of my neighbors homes. I looked but I could see nothing but the darkness. My sisters, who were already and calmly sleeping, woke up and the panic could be noticed clearly on their faces.  My younger sister who was sleeping in the next room rushed to my room asking about the loud voices." Oh My God, what was that, seems like they were F16 strikes" she said. We turned on the radio to follow the news. News reported number of injuries and one martyr. I stayed silent after I heard the news, I tried to go to sleep again to no avail.   The martyr's family and friends seeing him killed and massacred now, seeing him for the last time, could not get out of my mind!

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