Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Month in Palestine

Well, it's December, The last month in the year, which is supposed to be the month of celebrations or it's how I suppose it should be, a special month. However, this is not the case in Palestine. It's always different in this part of the world, we celebrate, but in different way! We don't choose how we celebrate it. Israel always does.

I remember In the eighth of this month I was going back home from school, the weather was gloomy and I felt that something wrong is going around, I was in a taxi when I heard the news of an air strike that targeted a car in the central Gaza Strip and killed two men. I stayed silent and I was taken by my thoughts. I thought of the moment they were targeted, did they know that this would be their last day alive? Did they say goodbye to their families? How is that possible anyways? Israel had planned to kill them that day and it would never give a hint that it's targeting that particular place. They kill whoever they want without even thinking of the consequences! Consequences?! Why should Israel even think of the consequences of killing the innocents? Israel is protected by the international community, and it's very easy for them to justify such practices. They would say that the two men are terrorists, yes, simply like that!

One day after that happened; someone from Nabi Saleh was tweeting about a guy who was shot in the face by an Israeli soldier during the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh that is held against the expropriation of their land for the illegal settlement that surrounds the tiny village of Nabi Saleh.  Mustafa Tamimi was protesting peacefully. It his right to stand against the Israel illegal settlements that is taking over the West Bank and growing like cancer. Mustafa Tamimi's scene holding the Palestinian flag, demanding his legal rights, had provoked the Israeli soldiers so they shot him in the face at a distance of less than 10 meters.  I was following the updates from Nabi Saleh on Twitter and my whole body was occupied with anger and distress.  I kept thinking of Mustafa since I knew he was shot in the face though I've never heard of him. Should I know him anyway to mourn over his soul? He's a Palestinian, a resistant. He was living under the same occupied land, the same occupied sky! He was dreaming of free Palestine just like we do. Israeli Nazis have killed him but never killed his dream. We shall continue the path. The path towards Freedom! RIP Mustafa. 

This month again, another story happened that had shattered my heart into pieces. Two of the detainees who were released lately in the exchange deal and deported to the Gaza Strip are Anees and Akram Al-Namoura. The two brothers happened to be related to my mother's family. I was very happy when I learned that Akram and Anees are our relatives somehow. They are real heroes who had to pay the price defending our Palestine inside the Israeli cruel prisons. The two brothers had spent ten years in the Israel jails and were released lately. However, they haven't enjoyed being free to the fullest as they were deported from Hebron to Gaza. They wanted to see their mother and their family. Their sick mother managed to get into Gaza after a long and tiring journey. She saw her two sons and had the chance to hug them. She spent 6 days with them and then she passed away…

 I always try avoiding being pessimistic and I am sure that Palestinians still desire to live life to the fullest.  Despite the Israeli practices against us, and the continuous violations of our rights. Palestinians do always survive and will always do. 

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